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Kim Perry’s Testimonial

When I was 16 years of age I was in a terrible accident where my seatbelt broke and my head went through the windshield. I had many scars and pains through the next couple weeks. For over the past seven years I have dealt with a sore neck and headaches.

My visit with Dr. Badura has really changed my life, when I saw the first x-ray I couldn’t believe how straight and awkward my neck had really gotten from the accident. After just a few treatments we took another x-ray and there was a significant difference with the curve. My neck is getting back to normal; I sleep the whole night through and haven’t had a headache in weeks.

With every treatment I am getting better and I owe it all to Dr. Badura.

Thank You Dr. Badura.

Kim before treatment

Kim after treatment

Hi my name is Pam Cook I am a snowbird, I have been in pain for so long. My neck, back, shoulder and legs have been getting worse with pain. I started to see Dr. Badura when I got to a point where I could not even walk without having pain. After three weeks of treatments with Dr. Badura I have been feeling absolutely amazing. I do not have the pains in my neck, shoulder, hips and legs.

Thank you Dr. Badura.

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